Strategic consulting

Thanks to great experience gained from investment funds we help our Clients with an efficient implementation and development of the company’s growth strategy. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we use our experience in understanding Clients and their needs. We know which operations will help to increase an efficiency, scale, and value of a business. [


Main areas of our support:

  • All activities carried out by us are aimed at the identification and improvement of main areas affecting long term growth of the company’s value,
  • Every project begins with a detailed analysis of a current situation of a company’s strategic areas,
  • We prepare a detailed financial analysis of company’s essential areas and implement management accounting for continuous key parameters monitoring,
  • We work on a detailed analysis of the company against the market. We analyse strengths and weaknesses of competitors, good practices in foreign markets, and main elements affecting the company’s value in the investors’ perception,
  • The effect of our operations is an implementation of changes in a company’s key areas,
  • Every project has a designated team of managers and experts able to support implementation of developed strategy also on the interim management level;


Main benefits of working with us:

  • The superior goal of our cooperation is a long term growth of the company’s value,
  • We think and work like financial investors. We know which activities will increase the value of our Clients’ businesses,
  • Our great experience helps us with the implementation of the best solutions,
  • We concentrate our activities on increasing market share, cost optimization, and the competitiveness of an entity,
  • We take responsibility for results of our activities by working largely upon the success fee;