Mergers & Acquisitions

We comprehensively support our Clients with M&A transactions on both buy side and sell side. Our goal is to establish the best terms and safety of the transaction. Thanks to the experience gained from accomplishing projects from many industries we know which elements are essential for the success of the transaction. 


Premises of M&A transactions:

  • Increasing market share and competitiveness of an entity,
  • Increasing a value of an enterprise through the vertical or horizontal integration,
  • A number of operational and cost synergies,
  • Consolidation of the fragmented market,
  • Acquisition of unique competence, technology, and know-how,
  • Faster company’s growth comparing to the strategy of organic growth.


In  the case of the buy side transaction our support includes:

  • The development of a strategy indicating how possible acquisitions might bring long term benefits and growth of the company’s value,
  • Detailed market analysis and identification of entities that meet previously specified criteria,
  • Arranging contact and first meetings with entrepreneurs potentially willing to sell their businesses,
  • Initial valuation of the acquired company,
  • Negotiation and establishing preliminary transaction terms,
  • Due diligence of the acquired company and analysis of synergy effects after a possible transaction,
  • Support in preparing a final acquisition offer and final negotiations,
  • Help with an efficient integration of the acquired company with the maximization of synergies.


In the case of the sell side transaction our support includes:

  • Preparation of the company and its owners for the disposal,
  • Preparation of the documentation and a company’s valuation,
  • Preparation of the long list of potential investors and arranging contact with them,
  • Presentation of the company, meetings with potential buyers, answering investors’ questions,
  • Due diligence,
  • Negotiation of key terms and transaction structuring,
  • Settlement of the transaction.