For many dynamically growing companies securing an appropriate level of financing is a key factor that determines a value of a business in the future. Alpha Capital Group team has great experience in acquiring capital and restructuring funding sources. We help our Clients to grow faster and to build goodwill in the long run. 

Main sources of financing:

Basing our assessment on the current company’s position, capital needs, and owners’ preferences, we help to acquire capital from following sources:

  • Private Equity / Venture Capital funds,
  • Strategic investors,
  • Bank financing such as credit, leasing or factoring,
  • Private investors,
  • Corporate Bonds,
  • Stock market: NewConnect and Catalyst,
  • European funds.

Main benefits of working with us:

For over 10 years, we have supported the development of our Clients’ businesses. We help with pursuing new investments, financing consolidation, and expansion on foreign markets. Dozens of accomplished projects in various industries, from heavy industry, through production companies, to medical and IT industries, have helped us perfectly understand needs of our Clients.

In the process of acquiring capital, we become one of our Client’s partners, and identify ourselves with the business for which we are trying to gain funding. The fact that our remuneration depends on the success of our services means that we have same, clearly defined goals.