Valuation and Business Modelling

Financial models help with efficient implementing of strategies and long term plans. They may consist of financial forecasts, scenario and sensitivity analysis. Such models are created for the purposes of acquiring capital, for M&A transactions, or for considering new investments.


We provide a wide range of valuation services:

  • Business valuation – it is an essential element of processes such as Initial Public Offering in which the price of offered shares is established. It’s also important during M&A processes in considering a maximum or minimum price for a company.
  • Brand valuation – it is necessary for M&A transactions, for strategic management purposes, or for establishing the level of royalty fees for using a company’s trademark by another entity.
  • Executive stock option valuation – under the International Financial Reporting Standards executive stock options must be recorded at fair value.
  • Technology and Know-How valuation – it is necessary for the purposes of acquisitions, contribution in kind, and M&A transactions.


Our experience:

  • We have accomplished over 200 projects of valuations.
  • We have cooperated with enterprises from many industries. We have prepared projects for both small, private companies and those listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • We value all company’s tangible and intangible assets.